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NO ZONE Campaign

In 1991 with the enactment of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, Congress directed the Federal Highway Administration - FHWA (now under the direction of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration - FMCSA) to educate the driving public about how to safely share the road with trucks and buses. In response, FMCSA introduced the 'No-Zone' or 'Share the Road' Program in 1994.

The campaign was created in 1994 to educate motorists about how to safely share the road with trucks and buses (Commercial Motor Vehicles [CMVs]). Its goal is to increase awareness of the No-Zones -- danger areas like blind spots, around commercial vehicles, in which cars 'disappear' from the view of the truck or bus driver. No-Zones are areas where crashes are more likely to occur. Educating drivers about the No-Zones may reduce deaths, injuries, and property damage from these kinds of crashes.

Working closely with law enforcement agencies and professional associations, as well as other highway safety groups and carriers, FMCSA developed a broad-based strategy to increase public recognition about truck and bus limitations in an effort to influence the motoring public's driving behavior. A series of television, radio, and print public service announcements (PSAs) and pertinent Share-the-Road materials were developed in coordination with the State of Maryland under a Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) public education grant. As a result, campaign materials have been distributed and widely used throughout the country.

It was through public-private partnerships between government agencies and private/non-profit organizations that many of these outreach efforts were made possible.

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