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1. How many cameras can connect to a monitor?

All Zone Defense monitors will accept three cameras and some monitors will accept four cameras.

2. What is a trigger (switch)?

A trigger is a function that is activated by a switch on the vehicle. For instance, a reverse switch, turn signal switch, a door switch, or any other device that is turned on with 12VDC. The trigger will awaken the monitor and select a chosen camera input.

3. Do I need any optional devices to activate a camera with the turn signals?

No, Zone Defense's 5" and 7" single view monitors have the ability to remove the flash and give the camera constant power with NO additional devices or wiring.

4. Can the systems be connected to 24VDC?

Yes, all Zone Defense systems are 8VDC to 32VDC because they are used worldwide.

5. Why is there volume on the monitors?

Zone Defense sells some cameras that have microphones built-in, so the driver can hear the spotter when backing. Not all cameras have this feature.

6. Can I connect a GPS to my monitor?

Yes, Zone Defense systems include a cable to convert a camera input to accept a GPS, or other video device that uses RCA connectors.

7. Can all Zone Defense cameras be used with all Zone Defense monitors?

Yes, all Zone Defense cameras and extension cables use the same connectors and are completely interchangeable. (Our CAM.313.SH.4P does require a special cable that has (2) of the same connectors.)

8. Do the cameras have night vision?

Zone Defense cameras use a white infra-red technology. When there is not enough ambient light for the camera to see color, the photo sensor activates the IR LED's and the camera becomes a black & white camera. The LED's reflect infra-red off of objects and the camera transmits the image in black & white. (Infra-red cannot be seen with the human eye.)

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